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ShowT.I.M.E.Italia at your Service.


We offer you our experience in the world of entertainment to improve your show, your visibility on the web and we help you to make real your dreams.

Music for your Act


We are able to create an original soundtrack and customized for your act. We have an infinite variety of solutions and prices to meet your needs. We are unable to process existing music tracks, unreleased tracks to create new electronic music or even a genuine musical orchestra. The music of your act is as important as the act itself. It is on the stage with you, and conveys to the public emotions. If you really want to stand out from the others, if you want to convey more emotions do not overlook this important detail that will make you a professional. Contact us for more information.

Web Site


We are able to offer a 360 degree service media to give visibility. 

Our project is not limited only to create, manage and update your web page, but also to create social pages (youtube, facebook, etc..) And the creation and insertion of promotional videos. 

Some examples of web pages created by us:


Schermata 2020-04-17 alle 12.42.43.png
Video Productions


We can create your promo video in a very creative and professional. 

Our experience as artists and creative allows us to be at the top and at the same time offering a professional product at low cost. 

We can also make shooting underwater and aerial thanks to the technology of our sophisticated equipment. 

Here you can see some videos made by us:


Costumes and Accessories


Realization of costumes and accessories for the show in your size.

Rental and sale of used costumes for the show.

Realization of quick change costumes.

Application of semi-precious stones, rhinestones and sequins.

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